Infinite Possibilities Conference 2007

The fundamental goals of the Infinite Possibilities Conference are to educate, promote, support and encourage underrepresented minority women in the mathematical and statistical sciences. For two days, students, professors, and government and industry professionals gather to participate in a diverse array of activities, including panel discussions, breakout sessions, research roundtables and more. The structure of IPC creates a spirit of sisterhood and connectedness among all that attend and provides information and resources that enable each participant to succeed in her chosen educational and career path.

The Second Infinite Possibilities Conference was held on the campus of North Carolina State University on November 2-3, 2007. Over 220 women from twenty-two states and the District of Columbia participated in this special event. Attendees’ areas of study not only included mathematics and statistics, but also computer science, epidemiology, environmental science and women’s studies. Enlightening presentations were given by our keynote and invited speakers, Dr. Alicia Carriquiry, Dr. Iris Mack and Dr. Freda Porter. At the closing banquet, all were inspired by the accomplishments of Dr. Sylvia Bozeman, the recipient of the 2007 Dr. Etta Z. Falconer Award for Mentoring and Commitment to Diversity.

A special thank you goes to the individuals whose hard work and dedication made this conference a success. We express our sincere thanks to North Carolina State University, the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), and Building Diversity in Science for hosting this event. We also extend our deepest gratitude to the following sponsors who provided significant financial support: National Security Agency, North Carolina State University, SAMSI, American Statistical Association, National Science Foundation and Mathematical Association of America.

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