Graduate Student Paper Awards

The International Biometric Society Eastern North American Region (ENAR) has offered two Distinguished Student Paper Awards for the 2015 ENAR Spring Meeting in Miami, FL, to two of our amazing students, Yichi Zhang and Runchao Jiang. This is an incredible recognition to our students and their wonderful mentors. It is certainly a very competitive process.

Please, join us in congratulating Yichi, Runchao, and their mentors: our amazing Eric, Wenbin and Rui!

Yichi Zhang, “Using Decision Lists to Construct Interpretable and Parsimonious Treatment Regimes.” (Primary advisor Eric Laber)

Runchao Jiang, “On Estimation of Optimal Treatment Regimes for Maximizing t-Year Survival Probability.” (Co-advisors Wenbin Lu and Rui Song)

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